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Hello! I'm Ana M. Penaranda! I am an Instructional Learning Specialist and an Interactive Multimedia Designer with a passion for art, technology, and education. I enjoy exploring and solving human design problems, as well as developing creative solutions. My areas of expertise include UI & UX Design, Motion Graphics, Interactive Design, 3D Modeling and Animation, Photography, Film, VR/AR, and AI.

I am also the Founder and Creative Director of Spatial Evolution, a consulting company dedicated to empowering educational institutions and companies to use cutting edge technologies, art, and best learning methodologies. Spatial Evolution combines technology, design, and storytelling to craft meaningful and engaging learning and training experiences.

"Ana is ideally suited to work in a technical and creative capacity in a higher education setting. She understands the mission of public higher education and can articulate that mission to the public. Ana has a rare combination of technical and creative skills."

-- James Glapa-Glossklag --
Dean, Educational Technology, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning
College of the Canyons
"Ana is a genuinely a rare asset to any organization. Her strengths are hard to narrow down, as she has so many. She is one of the more adaptable individuals and can truly shine in any professional work environment."

-- John Makevich --
Dean, Community Learning Center, Continuing and Community Education
MiraCosta College
"Ana stood out from our large pool of candidates. I was very impressed with her work and found her to be a valuable asset to our team. I soon realized I could rely on Ana to tackle each project with dedication and focus – delivering everything within strict deadlines and either meeting or exceeding our high standards of quality."

-- Richard Menze--
Digital Media Supervisor | Education & Training Department
DreamWorks Animation Studios
"Ana excels at her job and is a superb professional who is responsible, ethical, dedicated and reliable. Her work is of the highest quality and she is an excellent role model for the student assistants she supervises."

-- Ann Morey--
Director, Career Center
California State University, Northridge
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M.S. Instructional Design & Technology

B.A. Art & Animation

B.A. Graphic and Web Design, Multimedia, & Animation

A.A. Computer Animation

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Graphic Design
2D & 3D Animation
Motion Graphics
Web Design & Development
UI & UX Design
Filming & Video Editing
Instructional Design

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Over 10 years of professional experience
(Corporative, Entertainment, & Education)

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Here are some samples of my work!
You can take a more in-depth look at more artwork by going to my Portfolio link!

Career Center Branding | Logos | Icons Work Sample
3D Model of a Puppy | Portfolio Piece
Andragogy Model Infographic | Portfolio Piece
Space Exploration Design | Portfolio Sample Illustration
Spatial Evolution 3D Abstraction Design | Portfolio Sample
Spatial Evolution 3D Abstraction Design | Portfolio Sample
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